just a medical student

This is my place. Please leave.

just a medical student

This is my place. Please leave.

we found love on a warm summer day, under a blue sky

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Day 27

چهارشنبه, ۲۸ شهریور ۱۳۹۷، ۰۱:۴۰ ق.ظ

i know he loves me. He has proved it to me. But some of his actions makes me sad. Like when i comment on his picture, i want a reply. I want his friends to know that i am his girl, like her ex used to be known by everyone.

I thought i have made it clear that i really care about this. I thought there is no need for me to tell him about it. But after a romantic comment, i dont expect “youre saying that cause youre nice”. And when i tell him about this whole thing again, I definitely dont expect no answer for another comment. After three days i told him. And he said i dont know what to reply, Im thinking about it. And i said nah its not important let it go. And he said it is important.
Damn right it is important but when i ask you to do it, it has no value. When you dont know what to say its worthless. He went shopping. He said he will think about it and will reply. Though im not gonna be as much as happy as i should have, i really doubt that he would do it.
I am almost sure that he will forget about it.
I have every right to be sad. Right?

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