just a medical student

This is my place. Please leave.

just a medical student

This is my place. Please leave.

we found love on a warm summer day, under a blue sky

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Day 127

جمعه, ۷ دی ۱۳۹۷، ۰۲:۱۹ ق.ظ

my bff says im overthinking. I know i do that a lot. But am I?

He is gonna meet her in about  2 hours. And they are gonna literally live together for about a week. There’s nothing i can do now. Im breaking but im not showing.

I just hope he makes the right choices...thats all.

He posted a part of his book today that was m about honesty and lying. About how lying is sometimes good and you can bend the truth without lying. Im not stupid. He is going to “bend the truth” with me. I know something is going to happen, i have a feeling...and im pretty sure he is not gonna talk about it. :(

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  • لیمو ترشـــ🍋
  • Just try to trust him much more than ever!
    Its hard when he admits he wants to sleep with someone. I do trust him that he loves me more than anyone. But...

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