just a medical student

This is my place. Please leave.

just a medical student

This is my place. Please leave.

we found love on a warm summer day, under a blue sky

آخرین مطالب

Day 134

جمعه, ۱۴ دی ۱۳۹۷، ۰۲:۱۶ ق.ظ

24 hours passed without a single msg from him. I didnt bother to msg him either. I knew he wont even see them. After about 27 hours he msg ed me that he is on his way to an other city and that he will make up for the time he was not paying attention to me.

I know i should have been happy, in love and everything...but i felt nothing. I was crying, a little, when he msged and his words didnt make me stop.

I feel alone. I miss him. I dont know if we can be the same, if I can be the same. As if i forgot how i used to love him since he was gone for so long. I feel empty.

I think he wont know it. He wont suspect a thing. And if he does, he just ignores it. I mean, wouldnt he miss me? Even a little? Wouldnt he wonder how am i doin?

Im sad..and alone...

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